Instagram Accounts you should follow in 2018

Internet is such a powerful tool to discover talents and creative individuals who can influence their followers in many levels. Instagram alone is a remarkable platform to discover people that shares the same interests with you. Today, we have many so-called social media influencers who have established credibility in their respective industry whether it’s fashion, lifestyle, and many others. They have overwhelming amount of followers who look forward to their content. Now let us list down ten of the most creative and best Instagram Accounts in 2018 that you should be following.

1. Tasty (@buzzfeedtasty)

Whether you are someone who likes to cook or simply someone who likes to eat, Tasty is absolutely an account to follow. They often share photos of delightful dishes that will surely activate your salivary glands. Aside from the photos that will make you drool, they also share videos featuring easy and quick recipes. Yes, they manage to input everything in the video that only last for a minute and it is really satisfying to watch. They also end the video with a catch phrase “Oh yes!”. With 22.5 million Instagram followers, you can tell how many people enjoyed their channel/feed.

2. 9Gag (@9gag)

I bet you do not want to fill your IG feed with negativity and boring and sometimes annoying feeds from the people you follow. To balance everything, what you need is a little touch of humor and cuteness and you can achieve such by following 9Gag. Entertain yourself with their hilarious memes, viral videos, cute animals and many more. As what their tagline says, 9gag is indeed your best source of fun!

3. National Geographic (@natgeo)

People, culture, animals, places and historical events. Name it, National Geographic brought their amazing contents through their official social media accounts. National Geographic will treat you with a myriad of captivating images from all around the world. These are not just typical photos because each of them comes with a remarkable story. Their account is undeniably captivating and something you should really follow!

4. Cosmopolitan (@cosmopolitan)

Fashion, celebrities and gossips! These are the things you can expect when you follow Cosmopolitan. If you are into entertainment, this account is definitely the right one to follow. They will surely supply your feeds with the juiciest and hottest celebrity gossips. Cosmo will keep you updated with your favorite celebrities from the Kardashians to Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez , Ariana Grande and even Beyonce! Entertainment at its best indeed.

5. The New York Times (@nytimes)

If you are into current events, The New York Times’  will deliver the latest news in the US and around the world through their captivating photos. Each photo is either accompanied with latest news or interesting trivia or a piece of history. From celebrities to some of the most inspiring people that will captivate your heart. The New York Times is indeed a great account to follow!

6. Beautiful Destinations (@beautifuldestinations)

I believe the title of the account is clear enough on what exactly to expect. Beautiful Destinations will provide you with overwhelming amount of stunning photos capturing the beauty of different destinations around the world. Each remarkable photo (all professionally captured) comes with amazing captions, trivia and information about the place. Beautiful Destinations will definitely convince you to travel real soon and explore what the world has to offer!

7. 5 Minute Craft (@5.min.crafts)

Unleash your inner creativity and be inspired by the crafts featured by the 5-Minute Craft. As what the title suggests, this account will share you a series of wonderfully crafted videos showing easy-to-make DIY projects that you can accomplish within five minutes. Kids and adults will enjoy their content and you can actually apply these crafts in real life. Aside from art projects, they also share useful hacks that you can use on a daily basis!

8. Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Listed by Forbes as one of the best travel photographers in Instagram. We couldn’t agree more! Simone Bramante will definitely inspire you with his whimsical images captured by his camera. This young creative director and photographer will fill your IG feed with his visually stunning images. Interestingly, aside from his professional camera, he also shares pictures taken from his mobile phone with the help of simple photo editing mobile apps. Creativity at its finest indeed.

9. My Hotel Carpet (@myhotelcarpet)

Weird yet fascinating. I guess that is how you can perfectly describe this interesting Instagram account by Bill Young. This guy travels for living and so he stays a lot in many different hotels. As what the title of this account suggests, what you can expect from this account are pictures of different carpets from different hotels he stayed in. Bill Young wonderfully captures the colorful patterns and turn his Instagram into a creative mosaic.

10. Jannik Obenhoff (@jannikobenhoff)

At such young age, Jannik Obenhoff who is now 18 years old, managed to find huge success through his remarkable photos. He was hailed by Business Insider as one of the most influential travel instagram account with 759k followers and is rapidly growing. He captures everything creatively with his Camera and turn his photos into a great masterpiece!