Top 20 Vacation Places In The USA

Whether you are a beach bum or someone seeking for extreme and one-of-a-kind adventure, there is definitely no better place to spend your vacation than the land of the free – USA! The country is comprised of 50 states where each is special on their own. From the visually striking view of Grand Canyon of Arizona to the busiest entertainments in  New York down to the relaxing Myrtle Beach in South Carolina! Name it! USA is indeed a complete package which makes it an ideal place to spend your vacation. Listed below are 20 of the best Vacation places in the US that you should definitely not miss!

1. The Yellowstone National Park of Wyoming

Aside from its huge historical significance with Native Americans, the Yellowstone National Park offers a vast of natural attractions. The place is comprised with lakes, canyons, rivers and mountain ranges. Possibly one of the most popular attractions in the place are the Yellowstone Hot Springs especially the Grand Prismatic Spring which is notable for its vivid colors and the famous Old Faithful geyser.

2. The Island of Maui in Hawaii

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii that features long picturesque beaches and waterfalls in Hana Highway. The island is also the home of Haleakala, a massive shield volcano. Tourist can go on a relaxing cruise shape while watching whales or embracing the wonderful sunset view in Kahului. Maui will not be dubbed as the Best Island in the World for no reason after all.

3. The Grand Canyon in Arizona

Probably the most picture-worthy destination of them all! The magnificent Grand Canyon is definitely one of the places you should include on your travel bucket list. Grand Canyon has become one of the world’s premier natural attractions with over five million visitors per year. Aside from embracing the magnificent view of the canyon, people can also engage in  other equally entertaining activities like rafting, hiking, running and even Helicopter tours to make your trip even more memorable.

4. Yosemite National Park in California

USA is seemingly bounded with many national parks and the marvelous Yosemite National Park in California is something not to be missed. The park offers a vast of wonderful natural attractions including the famous Bridalveil and Yosemite Falls.  You can enjoy the scenic view of the Mirror Lake or go on an adventure by hiking up the Half Dome. Snow Skiing is also one of the top activities in the are during Winter.

5. New York

If you are not a beach bum nor a nature lover, well perhaps you want some entertainment! New York is definitely the best place for you. You can catch up with some of the remarkable shows on Broadway, explore the Time Square or embrace the serene view of the Central Park. If you are into Art and history, you can explore numerous museums in New York including the Metropolitan Museum, American Museum of Natural History and Museum of Modern Art. Of course, you should also not miss the view of the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.

6. The City of San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is probably one of the best destinations in California. It offers an overwhelming amount of attractions that will make your vacation even more memorable. A trip to San Francisco will not be completed without passing through the famous Golden Gate Bridge as well as the small yet scenic Golden Gate Park. Visitors can also travel to the historical Alcatraz Island and explore the abandoned prison and the oldest lighthouse.

7. The Washington D.C

Washington D.C may not have the most stunning beaches or the most marvelous natural attractions but this place is still special on its own. Washington is the home of some striking historical landmarks including those iconic neoclassical monuments and buildings. These landmarks include the Capitol, the White House and the Supreme Court.  Other noteworthy attractions includes the National Gallery of Art, the Tidal Basin, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History , Newseum and many more.

8. The Beaches of Honolulu

If there is one summer destination in the US that should top your list, Honolulu is definitely the perfect place. It is bound with many great and remarkable beaches. This includes the popular and top tourist destinations like the Waikiki beach, Lanikai beach and the Kailua Beach Park. After enjoying some surfing activities, you can continue your trip in some notable historical landmarks like the famous Iolani Palace and the WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument.

9. The Lake Tahoe

Another interesting destination in California is the picturesque Lake Tahoe. The place is even more popular in winter especially during ski season where people from nearby states flock the area for the downhill skiing activities and sports. The place is bound with many ski resorts. There are many golf courses too and Casinos to explore . The overwhelming view of the Emerald Bay and the Secret beach in Lake Tahoe is definitely something not to be missed.

10. The Glacier National Park in Montana

If you are up for an adventure, then you might consider the Glacier National Park in Montana on your travel destination list! The place is known for its making hiking trails. There’s the popular Iceberg Lake Trail for experienced hikers which gives them a stunning view of Mount Wilbur. Highline Trail on the other hand features a beautiful Garden Wall as well as the stunning scenery from the glacial valleys and alpine meadows.  Lake Mcdonald is another notable natural attraction in the place which gives you a picture-worthy scenery.

11. Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

Aside from the Yellowstone National Park , Grand Teton is another impressive destination in Wyoming which offers an equally stunning view. Interestingly the park is more than just a place for sightseeing as it offers a lot of amazing activities that every visitors can participate. The park is the home of some extraordinary wildlife, stunning pristine lakes and alpine terrain. Those who want to experience the old west will certainly appreciate this place.

12. Miami, Florida

Beaches you say? Miami Beach is definitely one of the top summer destination in the US.  Apart from the famous beach, the place alone offers a vast of interesting attractions that are worth visiting. The Small Havana features a vibrant atmosphere and amazing food to eat. Your family can also enjoy a trip in Zoo Miami which features over thousands of animals of different species. You can also try cruising over the “River of Glass” on Everglades National Park to make your Miami Trip even more satisfying.

13. Spanish trip in Charleston

Charleston of South Carolina will not be dubbed as the World’s best City for no reason. Considered as the oldest and largest City in the US, Charleston has many attractions to offer and many stories to tell. The city is defined by its Spanish-inspired cobblestone street, horse-drawn carriages and pastel antebellum houses. The century old houses and the colorful street are truly Instagram-worthy. The place is also the home of some oldest surviving buildings including the Drayton Hall and the Pink House.

14. Sanibel Island in Florida

Sanibel Island is another interesting attraction in Florida. The barrier island of Sanibel is special in many levels. It attracts visitors from all over the world due to the large quantities of seashells in the area that are being washed up. Bowman’s Beach offers a stunning view which you appreciate more during sunset. There’s also a museum dedicated for sea shells and a 130 year old lighthouse that is publicly accessible!

15. Big Sur

One thing you will enjoy in your trip in Big Sur is the overall peaceful nature. The place offers an overwhelming amount of pristine beaches and state parks. Pfeiffer State parks features stunning beaches and picture worthy coves. Same thing goes with Andrew Molera and Garrapata State parks. The Keyhole Arch Rock formation in Pfeiffer Beach is something you should not miss when sunset strikes.

16. Savannah City of Georgia

Just like Charleston, Savannah in Georgia offers an equally stunning and historical attractions. The city is known for its wonderfully manicured parks including the visually stunning Forsyth Park. The horse drawn carriages, cobblestone streets and antebellum architectures also complete the place’s old-inspired atmosphere. Remember that iconic bench/ bus stop Forrest Gump scenes? Well, you can find it in Savannah and there’s even a tour dedicated to it.

17. Monterey

California offers a vast of wonderful destinations. There’s the San Francisco and the Lake Tahoe but Monterey is another city that should not left ignored. The city is also special on its own. Located on the south of the city is the adorable and picture worthy seaside village of Carmel-By-The-Sea comprised of many  fairytale-like houses. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is also an attractive family destination in the city as well as the busy Cannery Row which is named after the famous novel.

18. Sedona

While many people flock to Grand Canyon, the city of Sedona welcomes you in an equally serene and magnificent atmosphere. The main attraction in this city is the wide array of red sandstone formation. These rock formation glows in bright orange and red during the sunrise and sunset which gives you a remarkable picture-worthy scenes. There are numerous hiking trails and jeep tours to try on. There’s also the Red Rock State Park comprising of some enormous rock formations.

19. Zion National Park of Utah

Zion National park in Utah offers a unique array of plants and animals that most of you will surely find enticing. The Zion Canyon offers a magnificent view. For a more satisfying experience, you can drive your car and pass through the 57 mile Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and embrace the nature’s masterpiece. You can also explore the so-called Narrows for a remarkable hiking experience. Not to mention the majestic Emerald Pools adorned with waterfalls and hanging gardens.

20. Boston

Last but certainly not the least is the city of Boston. Being one of the oldest cities in US, Boston has many stories to tell and has many interesting historical attractions to offer. Everyone can start their tour in the so-called Freedom Trail that tells you the rich history of the city. Boston Red Sox’s fan will definitely enjoy a visit to Fenway Park and its majestic stadium. The place also offers numerous museums, parks and many other family-oriented attractions to enjoy!