Top 5 Watch brands - We give honest reviews to save you money and time!

Affordable watches are more available than ever! With brands wanting to change the game and provide good looking watches at a fraction of the price of top luxury brands there are so many around! We’ve done the hard work to find out who delivers the best of them all! 

Read on for reviews on the top 5 watch brands


Rokzin is the new kid on the block, but boy does it deliver! Their watches are mega affordable at only $120-125 per watch, and they also look incredibly stylish! We were very happy with the whole experience when shopping at Rokzin. Their customer service is impressive, and they kept us informed the entire time about our order status, and when I had a question, they responded promptly with an excellent in-depth answer. 

My watch arrived within 2 days of ordering which was a lot faster than I was anticipating. The watch was beautifully packaged with a slick matte black drawer-style box, that when the drawer was pulled out, the watch (& an extra free strap!!) was revealed. The watch was in excellent condition and the leather smell confirmed the high quality of the straps. The watch was exactly as it appeared from the website and felt well-made. The watch is relatively quiet and looks very stylish. I have already received a multitude of comments and compliments on it due to its unique modern appearance. 

The designers at Rokzin have put added effort into ensuring that the straps of their watches are of the highest quality (hence the lovely leather smell I mentioned earlier) and are official Horween leather - that which is used in a huge range of products by high-end brands, as well as official NBA Basketballs and NFL Footballs. This awesome unique feature really has made Rokzin a top contender in the affordable watch industry. They use a Japanese movement in all of their watches, to ensure that it runs smoothly and to time. Rokzin watches are assembled in China, which isn't exactly a positive, but they say they're Chinese partners are incredibly passionate about watchmaking, & Rokzin have worked hard to ensure that their watches are made by the best, whilst remaining affordable. And to be honest, hundreds of top brands like Apple, Samsung & LG are made in China so it’s not always as scary and bad as we believe. Every effort has been made to ensure that the customer experience is a positive one, and I felt part of a special community rather than just another number which was refreshing. 

If you’re looking to buy a gift for a loved one, or yourself, we highly recommend Rokzin. You’ll also enjoy the fact that you’re one of only 300 people wearing your watch as they only produce limited numbers! 

2. Brathwait

Brathwait isn’t as well known as some of the other affordable watch brands, and it is a little more pricey (around $160-$180), but they have an excellent collection of smart looking watches that feel high quality. They also have a collection of automatic watches (around $260) which are great for watch enthusiasts who don’t want to blow their budget on a luxury brand. Again, Brathwait, like Rokzin, is a pretty transparent brand, making their customers well aware that their watches are produced in China, making them more affordable than bigger brands. 

We initially didn’t have the best experience with Brathwait, as they had sold out of the watches we had ordered, but they were reasonably proactive at communicating with us so that made up for it. It took around a month to receive the watch and we had to pay a large amount of customs fees, but once we received the watches, we were very pleased with the quality. The watch was well packaged and showcased a unique domed sapphire glass and a good quality genuine leather strap. Putting the watch on at first was a little confusing and a bit fiddly as it has an adjustable butterfly strap, but once we figured it out, putting on and taking off this watch became very easy. 

I would definitely recommend checking out Brathwait if you are looking for a new affordable watch, but be aware that you may have to wait a while and pay customs fees!

3. Daniel Wellington

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely that you know of Daniel Wellington. Their marketing is everywhere and hard to avoid, but their imagery makes their watches stand out with inspirational travel inspired photography.

Ordering from Daniel Wellington is easy, but doesn’t feel super personal. Delivery was quick (around a week), and the packaging was pretty good quality. The watch came in a faux leather box which made the brand feel premium. The watch unfortunately wasn’t very high quality. We accidentally scratched the leather within about 5 minutes of unpacking the watch, whilst we were trying to change the time, and this proved the poor quality of the leather. The watch face itself was nice and looked smart, but looked a little bit like a piece of paper was acting as the watch face. The casing felt like excellent quality, being stainless steel and having a little bit of weight to it, however the rest of the watch let it down a bit. 

Being more on the expensive side ($230-300), and lower quality than the above watches, I wouldn’t recommend splurging on a Daniel Wellington unless you’re completely sold on their very popular classic striped straps, as they aren’t leather so may be of better quality. 


MVMT is probably the biggest player in the affordable watch game, and we can see why with their awesome marketing campaigns, and joint ventures with popular influencers. Ordering an MVMT watch was super quick and easy and it arrived within around a week. Their watches are packaged fine - nothing special - but the watches always look really good once you open the box. In the box are some pamphlets marketing their other products which seems to cheapen the experience a little, but a good marketing strategy. The watch had some weight to it which made it feel like reasonable quality. The strap felt a little papery, but had some thickness to it which made it feel comfortable on the wrist. 

MVMT has received a lot of hate recently from luxury watch connoisseurs, which is likely as they advertise themselves to be luxury. There’s no beating around the bush, this is not a luxury brand, but the watches are pretty good for the price and look stylish. Their huge selection of watches also provides a model to suit everyone which is one benefit of purchasing from this brand. If you’re in the market for a cool watch but don’t want to spend a fortune, I would say that MVMT is a good brand to consider. They also have thousands of reviews which paints a pretty good picture of their brand, watches and customer service. 

5. Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti watches come in at around the $160 mark, making them a little more expensive than Rokzin & MVMT, but their watches are very nice quality and it feels like a lot of thought has gone into their design. They do also sell automatic watches, but these go for around $550 which is quite hefty considering their watches are produced in China. 

They have a large range of watches to choose from which is always nice, as you can usually find something to suit your own personal style. 

Ordering from Filippo Loreti was relatively painless, and the watch arrived within around 2 weeks. Their packaging was really good quality, but the watch had slipped in the box which was fine, but some further functional design would be nice, to ensure that the watch remains in perfect condition whilst on it’s way to you. 

The watch exceeded our expectations in terms of quality considering it was made in China. It felt weighty, durable and had an awesome carving on the back of St Mark’s Basilica which was actually quite a cool feature. The strap sat well against the watch case, and the watch looked great on the wrist. These watches aren’t too bulky, and are a little on the slim side, so great for guys with smaller wrists who find the MVMT watches too bulky. 

The leather felt really good, and didn’t scratch or crack easily. Overall I was pretty impressed with this watch, although would be a little reluctant to purchase it due to it’s higher price tag, if I was working on a small budget. 

The Bottom Line

Overall my favourite watch was the Rokzin. I think it’s small brand feel makes it a little more special and you feel much more exclusive wearing one of only 300 watches in that style. My next favourite would probably be the Brathwait, due to it’s high quality face and unique strap, and the Filippo Loreti due to their awesome design and mini extras like the back carving. I was a little disappointed with Daniel Wellington, as I know a lot of people wear their watches, but they are so expensive and you really don’t get your value for money. MVMT was a pretty good brand, but you’re much more likely to turn up somewhere wearing the exact same watch as another person, as they are a hugely popular brand with an incredible customer base, which kind of cheapens the experience for me. You certainly don’t feel exclusive! They are also quite bulky watches which I don’t really go for.